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ASPBAE was established in 1964 by a group of adult educators, inspired by the idea of promoting adult education in the region.

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  • Gender Education Monitoring Report Gender Review 2018
    Gender Education Monitoring Report Gender Review 2018
    In this sixth Gender Review, a series that began in 2011, the Global Education Monitoring Report team maintains the focus on a broad conception of gender equality that extends beyond counting boys and girls in classrooms. The review's first part examines disparities in participation and skills, in education and political leadership positions, and in selected aspects of infrastructure and curricula. It also examines gender issues in professional development by exploring the role of education in three other SDGs: those concerning agriculture, health and water sanitation. The second part of the review analyses institutions, laws and policies to explore ways to determine and enforce accountability for gender equality in education.牋
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  • Evidence Review: Mitigating threats to girls
    Evidence Review: Mitigating threats to girls' education in conflict affected contexts - current practice
    Recognising the particular vulnerabilities affecting girls in conflict-affected contexts, this review focuses on girls?education. The cost of not investing in education for girls far exceeds the cost of investing. Girls?education increases economic growth, increases women抯 wages, improves women抯 health, reduces child marriage, and increases individual and community empowerment. Furthermore, actions that enable girls?education in conflict-affected contexts can create 憌indows of opportunity?for transformative change that may not have existed prior to the conflict.?
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  • GEM Report 2017/18 - Accountability in education: Meeting our commitments
    GEM Report 2017/18 - Accountability in education: Meeting our commitments
    Accountability in education: meeting our commitments, the second in the GEM Report series, which monitors progress towards the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal for Education (SDG4), looks at the different ways people and institutions can be held accountable for reaching that goal, including regulations, testing, monitoring, audits, media scrutiny, and grass root movements.?
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  • Addressing Threats to Girls?Education in Contexts affected by Armed Conflict
    Addressing Threats to Girls?Education in Contexts affected by Armed Conflict
    This policy note contends that greater investment in girls?education in conflict-affected contexts is urgently required as a critical component of achieving SDGs 4, 5 and 16. At-scale programmes, research and multi-sectoral collaboration must be strengthened to ensure all of the world抯 girls are achieving and learning, that gender equality goals are achieved and that these efforts contribute to building sustainable peace.

    The information contained in this policy note is based on the findings of an evidence review conducted by ODI 慉ddressing Threats to Girls Education in Conflict-affected Contexts?(2017) as well as other cited publications.


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